Stroke Support

By Janet Rooks, Parrish Medical Center Senior Solutions Coordinator

A stroke can happen to anyone, anytime. You could be sitting at home, eating dinner with your family and find that suddenly your speech is slurred or your face feels as if it’s drooping. Your spouse recognizes the signs and calls 911. You’re taken to the hospital to receive lifesaving treatment.

Throughout your stay at the hospital, the stroke team provides you with a vast amount of information. You might need rehabilitation. You were told to follow up with your physician and make some modifications to your lifestyle.

You’re free to go home. Now what?

It becomes apparent that your life has changed in many ways. Perhaps you’re more emotional than before, or your mood has changed. Your thoughts are not as clear as they used to be. You feel as though you need someone to talk to, someone to listen and understand what you’re going through.

Comfort of Others

Parrish Medical Center’s Stroke-Heart Survivors Group is a way to connect and share experiences with stroke. Stroke survivors meet with others who are facing the same challenges. Members are at different stages of recovery and may serve as inspiration. Survivor stories often encourage others to move forward and continue to focus on the new lives in front of them.

Social interaction and simply feeling connected to others also help ease the depression and isolation that can accompany recovery. At the Stroke-Heart Survivors Group, people build a network of friends who will be there for support through the years.

In addition, the support group features educational presentations by local healthcare providers, including phy­sicians; neurophysiologists; rehabilitation nurses; and speech, occupational and physical therapists. These pre­sentations are designed to answer questions about the stroke recovery journey.

Loved Ones Welcome

Friends and family members are strongly encouraged to attend, as they are also affected by stroke. The support group provides an outlet for them to talk to other families as well as survivors.

If you’ve had a stroke or you’re helping someone recover from one, come see what a difference the Stroke-Heart Survivors Group can make in your life.

You’re Invited!

Join our Stroke-Heart Survivors Group on the third Tuesday of each month from 2 to 4 p.m. at Heritage Hall, Parrish Health Village, 931 N. Washington Ave., Titusville. Call 321-268-6800 for more information.