Guilt Free Recipes
  • Go beyond steamed artichokes with this simple-to-make soup, which is luxuriously creamy even though it’s dairy-free.
  • This tasty raspberry dessert supplies protein and dietary fiber. The berries are also a good source of disease-fighting antioxidants.

  • Fiber-rich white beans are swapped in for mozzarella in this colorful summer side salad featuring fresh, juicy tomatoes.

  • Lean, low-sodium ham takes the place of bacon in this healthier version of a BLT. Plenty of lettuce and tomatoes add crunch and freshness while keeping the calories low.

  • Nibble your way to a healthier heart. This cholesterol-free combo is rich in plant substances that may reduce your risk of coronary disease. Plus, almonds contain the good kind of fat—the kind that protects your heart.

  • Muffins are a great single-serving snack during cancer treatment, says Jodi Weinstein, RD.

  • Besides being a great source of protein, crab is packed with vitamin B12, which can have positive effects on both energy and mood.

  • This entree salad, which uses ingredients that are low on the glycemic index, is not only delicious but may also help you feel full longer.

  • This recipe, featuring a few of our pantry picks, is the ideal antidote to a chilly winter’s day



  • The classic comfort food just got a healthy makeover by swapping out a heavy cheese sauce for a creamy, spicy carrot and parsnip béchamel (white sauce). You’ll never be able to tell the difference!
  • You won’t be able to tell the difference between fat-laden chocolate mousse and this low-cal version using avocadoes.
  • Spruce up that boring sandwich with crunchy spring rolls, chock full of antioxidants, fiber, protein and, most importantly, flavor! Plus, it’s a fun, easy way to cook with your kids.
  • Baking cauliflower to crispy chips is a fun, healthy alternative to those full-fat, greasy potato chips. Red pepper adds a kick, but if you don’t like it spicy, just leave it out.
  • Short on time, but looking for a full-flavored, healthy breakfast? Try these baked eggs; the presentation will wow your guests almost as much as their deliciousness.
  • In-season peaches and sweet balsamic vinegar perfectly complement the flavors of this summer salad: colorful, acidic tomatoes, creamy burrata cheese and fresh basil.