Inherent Beauty

PMC transforms a historic home into part of an expanded healthcare campus


Did you ever make an origami crane as a child? You carefully folded the paper, wondering if it would ever look like a majestic bird. Then, as you folded one last corner, there it was! A transformation had taken place—from a plain piece of paper into a beautiful, graceful creature.
In many cultures, an origami crane, made with love in every fold, is given as a wish for good health.
There’s also a transformation going on within your community. Parrish Medical Center is reaching out to create a better tomorrow for our neighbors—transforming your health with more resources for prevention and for those who have chronic conditions.
It’s ongoing education to help you stay healthy. That’s our vision becoming real. And it’s just the beginning.

Saving Our Heritage

Heritage Hall, in Parrish Health Village West, is part of that transformation.
An old, rundown building that once proudly stood as a Brevard County home now stands transformed for a new purpose. It carries on the heritage of our county’s fathers to a new purpose. It’s an inheritance we can all be proud of.
Then, it was the Nobles house, built in 1948 by Elmer Alvin “Sonny” Nobles. The Nobles family was involved in the citrus, fishing and cattle industries in the county, spanning from 1900 to the present. In 2006, Ulbricht Residential Construction Inc. donated the Nobles house to Jess Parrish Medical Foundation for the health village.

A Place to Gather and Be Well

The 64-year-old Nobles house now stands as Heritage Hall. The house has been renovated to become a gathering place for seniors and those who have chronic health conditions. Programs and services will include prevention, education, support and healthy lifestyle.
Many support groups now use it for their gatherings, and Living Healthy workshops, for those who have chronic conditions, have also been held there. In the future, more classes and other services will be available.
A new heritage is being made for our community—a transformation that will benefit all.
Heritage Hall, as part of Parrish Health Village West, welcomes all who come for classes and support group meetings.
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