Committed to Giving

Jess Parrish Medical Foundation’s annual giving club, the Pauline Bryan Society, represents individuals, civic clubs and businesses making gifts of at least $100 per year. And every gift matters. Did you know that 100 percent of your gift goes directly to resources that transform our community? Your gift is reaching out to create a healthier tomorrow for our neighbors.


Just as a garden supports and enhances the quality of life for its surroundings, members of the Pauline Bryan Society provide the same nurturing support to the healing initiatives offered by Parrish Medical Center (PMC).


The society is named in honor of Pauline Parrish Bryan. Because of her strong commitment to our community, Pauline Bryan served as the first board chairperson of the original hospital, which is now Parrish Medical Center. Through her initial vision, guidance and leadership, PMC continues its strong tradition of healthcare excellence.


To recognize and honor the generosity of our Pauline Bryan Society members, Jess Parrish Medical Foundation (JPMF) hosts a Garden Party every spring. Last year while being serenaded by local entertainers—Michael Foster, Carol Henn, Barbara Ziegler and The Broad Street Group—guests toured the three historic houses at Parrish Health Village West. The event was made possible by generous sponsorship from the Parrish Medical Center Auxiliary.


A Generous Nature Might Lead to a Long Life


Retirement probably isn’t the ideal time to take up the hottest new fad diet or exercise routine. Thankfully, there is another option for boosting your health. Research suggests that having a positive sense of purpose and an expression of goals can affect your well-being, and may even help fight disease.


One popular story features John D. Rockefeller as an example. At age 54, this intense, success-driven billionaire suffered from a plethora of physical ailments and was given one year to live. Then Rockefeller redirected his life’s mission toward caring for others through philanthropy, and his health rallied. He lived to be nearly 98 years old.


Although research continues to explore the link between a sense of purpose and physical health, the idea holds promise. If you are interested in supporting Parrish Medical Center as part of your strategy for healthy living, contact the Jess Parrish Medical Foundation office at 321-269-4066 or



“With so many options, I enjoy giving back to my favorite charities through the gift annuity program. Since this type of gift actually pays me back, it allows me to make a difference to the foundation while still supporting me in my retirement. The [foundation] staff is sincere and really has a passion for helping.”

—89-year-old anonymous donor


“Giving back is a lesson I learned as a child, watching my parents. They impressed upon me that regardless of the size of the gift, the giver’s intention—giving from the heart in a sacrificial way, like the widow in the Bible—was what mattered most. When you give your time, talent and treasure, without seeking recognition, the blessings you gain in return are priceless. That’s why the Pauline Bryan Society is so important. Mrs. Bryan sought only to improve her community, and used her personal and financial leadership to help build a hospital to serve friends and neighbors in North Brevard. She saw the need and responded. That inspires me. Giving to the Jess Parrish Medical Foundation improves, transforms and saves lives. Through the foundation, even someone like me can heal families, heal our community and make a difference.”

—Suzanne Sparling, Titusville resident


Join Our Giving Society and Make a Difference

Join the Pauline Bryan Society or renew your membership today. Please call 321-269-4066 or visit Your gift matters!