Cardiac Rehabilitation

Exercise, weight loss and more after a heart attack. Although everyone experiences a heart attack differently, anyone who has had one should be vigilant in sticking with a cardiac rehab program. Parrish Medical Center's cardiovascular experts weigh in on why:


Does cardiac rehab help patients learn more about their condition?

Patients who've had acute coronary syndrome may be in the hospital for one day or two days. That isn't a lot of opportunity for education. But with cardiac rehab, you have the advice and close supervision of healthcare professionals to help you improve your health and lower your risk of future problems.


Why is physical activity a big part of cardiac rehab?

Many people who've had a heart attack have never been active. We try to make activity an integral part of their lives. Physical activity improves energy levels and lifts spirits. It also reduces their chances of future heart problems, including heart attack.


How does cardiac rehab help patients break habits that are bad for their heart?

It educates patients on how to quit smoking, eat right, lose weight, lower blood pressure and cholesterol levels, and manage stress.


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