Cafe Renovation & Rejuvenation

The Atrium Café offers a beautiful new setting for mindful food choices

It wasn’t quite an Extreme Makeover, but Parrish Medical Center’s Atrium Café was renovated and rejuvenated recently to better showcase its Mindful food choices.

The renovations were made jointly between the hospital and Sodexo, PMC’s longtime food services care partner. As with any well-used area, after more than 10 years of service to patients, community members and care partners, it was time for a change.

You’ll immediately notice the changes as you enter the café. Some areas have been expanded or completely moved, while others have been opened up for better access. In addition to replacing the countertop surfaces and repainting the walls, other modifications made to enhance the customer’s dining experience included:

  • Redoing the grill/deli station into a grill and pizza station
  • Increasing the size and relocating the deli station to the former salad bar area
  • Adding a new circular salad bar/soup station in the middle of the servery area
  • Improved lighting over food stations, new signage and menu boards
  • Redesign of the exhibition station used for demonstration cooking

The updated look and feel of the Atrium Café helps reduce the time spent in lines for made-to-order food and makes it easier to access the regular food stations. You also have a better view of the area where you get your made-to-order weekday breakfast and lunch specials, like the yummy veggie-filled omelets or exotic Salad Niçoise.

As lovely as the café renovations are, they simply enhance the already healthful food choices provided. Sodexo has balanced nutrition with taste and satisfaction in its Mindful program.

Most people want good health, but healthy eating may get pushed aside. Busy lifestyles and uninspiring nutritious food choices might make you believe that healthy eating means boring, tasteless food with little variety.

The Mindful program improves traditional menu items with effective substitutions that make customer favorites a mindful choice. Pure flavors and wholesome ingredients remain so each recipe maintains its integrity and great taste.

Reducing salt, sugar and fat doesn’t mean sacrificing taste. By combining ingredients in a mindful way, nutrients are maximized along with flavor and satisfaction. That’s how healthy and indulgence meet to create mindful balance!

Mindful means:

  • Fresh herbs and spices to enhance flavors and decrease salt
  • High proportion of fruits, vegetables and whole grains that maximize nutrients and food volume while controlling calories
  • Spices such as cinnamon, nutmeg and vanilla to bring out sweetness with less sugar

What could be better than a beautiful, easy-to-navigate café and mindful, healthy food? Enjoy!