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1. Patients have access to Mayo Clinic expertise without leaving the county.

2. Membership will enhance the delivery of healthcare in our community.

3. The relationship will complement local physicians' expertise, improving the...

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When you make an appointment to have your teeth cleaned, you may wonder how that visit benefits your health. After all, you brush after each meal and floss regularly.

You may not realize it, but your mouth holds a lot of clues to your...

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No one said bouncing back from a stroke is easy—but it is possible

A stroke strikes swiftly and suddenly and can hit anyone at any age. It occurs when a blood vessel breaks or a blood clot blocks an artery, preventing blood from reaching...

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About Health Bridge

Healthcare Simplified

Our world changes so quickly that keeping up on the latest local and national health news can be daunting. That is why Parrish Medical Center will do it for you. Whether it is education, breaking news or a message from your physician, count on HealthBridge to get it to you quickly.

• Personalized page based on health interests: health, weight control, diabetes, blood pressure and others
• Communication how you want it: mailbox, computer, phone or tablet
• One click access to an exclusive health education video library
• For patients of Parrish Medical Group physicians: email physician offices, request prescription refills, schedule an office appointment, view lab results
• RSVP online for events and classes
• Many more future benefits in development

Members receive:
• “Vim & Vigor” quarterly health magazine
• Daily updates with tips for better living, event reminders, checklists and other tools
• News alerts including as-needed reminders about events, appointments and breaking health news
• Shareable low fat, heart healthy recipes
• “Health Tip of the Day” to keep you motivated
• Comment on articles to join the conversation
• Business office tools for paying bills and requesting estimates

Join our HealthBridge program today and transform your health. HealthBridge is part of our vision of Healing Families — Healing Communities® and is an extension of our mission of providing healing experiences for everyone all the time®.